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 Death knight tanking spec?

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PostSubject: Death knight tanking spec?   January 7th 2009, 11:50

I've been doing some digging as I'm planning to level my death knight once my hunter hits 80. Against peoples judgement in I'm gonna try to make a tank out of her, until I see with my own eyes if it can be done. Although dk tanks can tank 5 mans, it is apparantly ill advised to have them tank raids. However they are good off tanks, so they say.

Now the general idea is:
frost: tanking
blood: dps
unholy: pve

At the beginning unholy was a viable tanking spec but this has been apparantly nerfed as I have only just learned. So I was *cough* wrong...

Anyways.... What are some of your ideas on tanking spec? As I have read through several forums where many say a full frost spec is not the ideal tanking spec.

I've been looking at some hybrid specs, mainly

Are such hybrid specs viable? Can you be a succesfull tank without going deep into any tree? I'm gonna try either way, but I would like some insight as I have never tanked high end dungeons.
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PostSubject: Re: Death knight tanking spec?   January 7th 2009, 14:16

Don't think I should really reply here as I don't have a DK, but tanking usually requires going in deep in one specific tree. I'm not sure of the Frost spec mentioned is like a prot spec, but that's just my 2c.
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PostSubject: Re: Death knight tanking spec?   January 9th 2009, 13:41

Can't really answer the DK tanking thing very well, but I do have one coment on general tanking to make.

Tanking a 5 man instance is done easily with either Pally or Warrior. This was equally applied to the old 10 man stuff, ie Kara & ZA etc. However, a Tankadin will always out-tank a Warrior tank when it comes to handling multiple mobs, there is no question about that. A warrior tank is aimed at tanking single mobs or small groups, a tankadin with a decent healer can hold aggro on much bigger pulls.
I am not familiar enough with DK specs/talents to know what their multiple-mobs-aggro-holding is like. I know they can tank single mobs, I have seen that.

To tank successfully, the toon needs to be able to take the initial aggro, then hold that threat against DPS battering at it & regain aggro if it is lost to someone critting high and taking the threat. Obviously the class/toon needs the gear/spec/experience as well, I am just referring to the ability for aggro management in this thread.
If we have a DK on Frost Spec in the guild, perhaps they might be able to answer.

I am not sure where WoW is heading with these changes to class structures. Initially , the Holy Priest was the "defined" healer (Druids & Shammys are way better now) and the Warrior was the "defined" Tank... as I say, a Paladin will out-tank a warrior in most (all?) cases of multiple mobs. Relegating warriors & priests to the DPS class for some reason.

Perhaps future patches/nerfs will change this again? Who knows....

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PostSubject: Re: Death knight tanking spec?   

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Death knight tanking spec?
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