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PostSubject: resto druid info   resto druid info Icon_minitimeFebruary 22nd 2009, 11:03

Been doing some reading up as both me and Nos are aiming to be guild healers when we hit 80. So here follows some good info to start understanding the build, spell rotation and gear required on hitting 80 pre Nax.

Firstly for those who want to browse up on more info reguarding the spec a guide to the Terminology often used when refering to resto's.

So, what do all these abbreviations and words mean?
HoT - Heal over time. The phrase HoTs is used as a gathering umbrella for spells that include a Healing over Time component, after you have finished casting. Examples: Lifebloom, Rejuvenation, Regrowth.
FSR - Five Second Rule. Every time you finish casting a spell (except NS), you now have 5 seconds until your Spirit will regen as it does normally. Being "within the FSR" means that you have casted a spell, and now do not have full Spirit regen.
HPS - Heal per second. Means how much a healing spell heals per second. For example, your rejuvenation ticks for 999 every 3 seconds. The spell has a HPS of 333. If the spell is not a HoT spell, HPS is identical to HPSC.
HPSC - Heal per second casting. Means how much a healing spell heals in total, per second you spend casting. For example, a spell heals for 3000 and you spend 3 seconds casting. The spell has a HPSC of 1000.
HPM - Heal per mana. Means how much each mana point you spend on a spell, heals the target. For example, a spell costs 100 mana and heals for 1500. The spell has a HPM of 15.
HPT - Heal per tick. For example, your rejuvenation heals a target for 1200 over 4 ticks and 12 seconds. The HPT is 300.
GCD - Global Cooldown. Instant cast spells cause a 1.5 sec cooldown on all spells. This cannot be improved by spell haste rating, but can be improved by shaman Blood Lust.
Overhealing - How much of your healing done with one or several spells that "overheal", ie lands on the target but does not do any good because it is already at full health. For example, a spell that heals a target for 3000. The target only needs 1000 healing done to be at full health. The Overhealing is 2000, or 66%.
Effective Healing - Raw healing minus Overhealing. In essence, how much you actually healed your targets.
Downranking - Generally refers to using lower ranks of a spell to get a higher HPM at the cost of a lower HPSC.
Resto druid - A druid healing using mainly the restoration tree, and most of the time Tree of Life (see The Talents).
Dreamstate druid - A druid healing using a mix of the restoration and balance tree (see The Talents).

NS - Nature's Swiftness. A 21point talent in the restoration that all full-time healing druids will have. It makes your next nature spell instant cast (All healing spells are nature).
NG - Nature's Grace. A talent in the balance tree that, on a critical spell strike, reduces the cast time of your next spell with 0.5 seconds.
ToL - Tree of Life, a 41 point Shapeshift form in the restoration tree that disables Healing Touch and Abolish Poison and Remove Curse, decreases HoT mana costs by 20%, and gives an aura to your Party which increases healing on party members by up to 25% of your spirit

This is a basic cut and paste but has been invaluable in my research to understanding the terminology used constantly.


Firstly a list of the stats to look for in gear starting from the must haves to not the not so.

What is best for a healer? Listed in order of importance)
+Healing done by spells and effects - the single most wanted item stat for any Resto druid. It scales extremely well (see "The Skills") and it is also hard to increase by Pots and buffs. This is the MAIN stat of your resto druid, and every upgrade should be considered from that viewpoint.
Spirit only works when you are outside the FSR rule, or at 30% efficiency while you are thanks to a talent. Spirit also stacks well with Blessing of Kings (unlike +healing and mp/5s) and also buffs your ToL aura and your +healing if you have a priest doing Divine Spirit. Since 2.3 patch, it is overall better than mp5 when it comes to raiding. See addons for Fubar_Regenfu for measuring FSR, or the end of this list for a more comprehensive comparison.
Mp/5s is the third stat that any resto druid should look out for. As a resto druid, you will seldom find yourself outside the FSR rule - which means that mp5 (which always works) is a good way to regen mana. The best way to regen mana is in fact MP/5s (but Spirit wins overall due to blessing of kings, divine spirit and ToL aura). Usually, keeping a 10:1 ratio between +healing and mp/5s while casting (check your Character Info panel in game) is a good idea to have unbuffed.
Stamina is not to be underestimated in any way. Many encounters require it, and you should have it. Either at all times, or on a separate, healing-gimped stamina set (like PVP items).
Intelligence - the waste stat. If I could take all my intelligence and convert it to something useful, I would. In boss encounters, you almost always regen so much mana, that any Int you have is so dwarfed that you may start to cry. DO NOT CONSIDER THIS A HEALING STAT (unless you refuse to leave the balance tree and stick with Dreamstate).
Spell Haste - The bottom of the barrel. It does NOT affect global cooldown, and is almost completely wasted on a Resto druid.

--- Generally, try to balance your spirit and mp/5s and int so that you have to use Innervate on yourself approximately in the middle of the encounter your guild is currently trying to progress on - but remember to include pots and buffs. An innervate used when the boss is at 5% is wasted. An innervate used when the boss is at 95% is bad play. When valuing item stats, remember that +healing is very hard to increase with buffs, while mana regen can probably be doubled just by using strong buffs (see "The Player" and mana potions also give a LOT of mana.

Again cut and pasted but says it better than I ever could.


Reanimator's Cloak: Drak'Tharon Keep - Trash Drop - Low Drop Rate
Wispcloak: Craftable - 5 Frosteave, 6 Life, 4 Water, 1 Siren's Tear, 1 Orb
Subterranean Waterfall Shroud: H Old Kingdom - Jedoga Shaowseeker
Ancient Dragon Spirit Cape: H Oculus - Eregos


Moonshroud Robe: 8 Moonshroud, 6 Frostweave, 1 Eternium Thread, 1 Orb
Drakewing Raiment: H Oculus - Drakos
Robes of Crackling Flame: Kirin Tor - Exalted
Ymirjar Physician's Robe: Utgard Pinnacle - Trash- Low Drop Rate
Insect Vestments: H Azjol-Nerub - Anubarak

Earthgiving Boots: 10 Heavy Borean, 5 Life, 5 Water, 1 Orb
Sandals of Crimson Fury: Wymrest - Exalted
Cleric's Linen Shoes: H Nexus - Stoutbeard Kolurg

Spectral Seal of the Prophet: H Drak'Tharon Keep - Tharon'ja
Band of Guile: H Stratholme - Dark Runed Chest
Enchanted Wire Stitching: N Stratholme - Meathook
Ringlet of Repose: N Halls of Stone - Maiden of Grief

Grotto Mist Gloves: H Azjol-Nerub - Hadronox
Overlook Handguards: H Drak'Tharon Keep - Tharon'ja
Moonshroud Gloves: 4 Moonshroud, 4 Frostweave, 1 Eternium Thread, 1 Orb
Spellweave Gloves: 4 Spellweave, 4 Frostweave, 1 Eternium Thread, 1 Orb

Helm of Anomalus: H Nexus - Anomalus
Forgotten Shadow Hood: H Stratholme - Salramm
Cowl of the Dire Troll: H DrakTharon - Trollgore

Earthgiving Leggaurds: 12 Heavy Borean, 6 Life, 6 Water, 1 Orb
Leggings of the Winged Serpent: H DrakTharon - Tharon'ja
Skirt of the Old Kingdom: H Old Kingdom - Herald Volazj

Dragon Prow Amulet: Utgard Keep - Trash
Amulet of Dazzling Light: H Nexus - Anomalus

Runecaster's Mantle: Utgarde Keep - Trash

Elegant Temple Garden's Girdle: 40 Emblems of Heroism
Belt of Vivacity: H Halls of Lightening - Volkhan
Belt of Dark Mending: Ebon Blade - Exalted

Cuffs of Winged Levitation: H Oculus - Egergos
Cuffs of the Trussed Hall: H Utgarde Pinnacle - Svala

Two Handed
Staff of Draconic Combat: H Oculus - Eregos
Malygos Favor: N Oculus - Eregos

Off Hand
Handbook of Obscure Remedies: 25 Emblems of Heroism
Temple Crystal Fragment: H Drak'Tharon Keep - Novos
Frostbridge Orb: Oculus - Trash

Main Hand
War Mace of Unrequited Love: H Nexus - Keristrasza
Devout Aurastrone Hammer: 50 Emblems of Heroism
Crudgle of Saronite Justice: 15 Saronite Bars, 2 Water

This only a rough guide and trinkets can be found from our resident JCs.

Still doing research on Spell rotations depends entirely on the build your going to use will post shortly when I figured it out.

To be continued

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PostSubject: Re: resto druid info   resto druid info Icon_minitimeMarch 2nd 2009, 21:38

To save a huge down time on cutting pasting etc just follow below link explains it all bascially cheers

If your still a noob Resto drood after reading all that info DONT go resto pretty simple really afro

(Ofc will have to find another site with pwetty pictures for Nos or he will cry again What a Face )


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resto druid info
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