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 Raiding Frost & FFB Mage queries

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Raiding Frost & FFB Mage queries Empty
PostSubject: Raiding Frost & FFB Mage queries   Raiding Frost & FFB Mage queries Icon_minitimeNovember 19th 2009, 16:27

We have some IMBA Mages in the guild, all using different builds that I am aware of. Some prefer the uber burst dps of Arcane, some prefer the firepower of a full fire build & some prefer the FrostFire build.

I know that Harry, Glorina, Giotaki, Picked, Morganna all have raiding Mages that are awesome to behold. I am sure there are other uberMages in the guild as well....and this post is directed at you....

As a babymage levelling, I put all 71 talent points in a full Frost spec, simply because it was the easiest thing to do while solo playing/levelling in PVE. However, once I dinged 80, I spent a little time reading up on raiding mage builds. It seems that Frost Mages are frowned upon by a lot of raiders because of their single target effectiveness, although as glo pointed out, the cc & "slowing" of mobs is a factor that is not taken into acccount.

I respecced to a fairly popular FrostFire build of 18/0/53 (you can see it on armoury if it is up, but I can't link to it from the office) & I have tried a few instances on that.

Can someone point me in the right direction with regards to FrostFire. from what I understand, the rotations are basic (all frostfire!!!!) and not to use my CDs until the right water elemental just before a BloodLust.
Any advice on the FFB rotations would be appreciated.

Also, any alternate raiding build that someone uses would be appreciated.. either Arcane or Fire.... along with the rotations that you prefer.

"Nos", Gimpmeister, Shaayla, Gimpypriest, Bluepearlz, Gimpylockz
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Raiding Frost & FFB Mage queries Empty
PostSubject: Re: Raiding Frost & FFB Mage queries   Raiding Frost & FFB Mage queries Icon_minitimeNovember 20th 2009, 16:58

18-0-53 is the standard frostbolt (not frostfire bolt) build - the rotation is essentially frostbolt spam - if I remember correctly casting ice lance on fingers of frost proc doesn't increase dps.

So: frostbolt / frostbolt / frostbolt / can still produce very good dps - the main way of maximising it is effective cooldown management (icy veins / water elemental / trinkets, etc).

Things are changing for frost mages in the next patch - with the new water elemental glyph, this should provide a flat dps increase, and a change in fingers of frost may (though I wouldn't hold my breath) make the rotation more interesting.

The other builds if you're interested are (these are just the accepted basic point allocations - there's room for individual tailoring and experimentation, but as a starting point they work ok):

Fireball: 18-53-0
Frostfire Bolt: 0-53-18
Arcane Blast: 57-3-11

If you did choose frostfire bolt the basic rotation is:

Living bomb (be sure to keep this up at all times) - frostfire bolt until hot streak procs then hit instant cast pyroblast > it gets a little more complicated if you're assigned scorch duties (this keeps a 5% crit debuff on a boss, some warlock specs provide it too - only one character in any raid should apply it as it doesn't stack - you have to glyph for this but the idea is essentially the same - keep scorch and living bomb on the boss whilst working through your frostfire bolt / hot streak rotation).

Anyway, work calls, hope this helps.
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Raiding Frost & FFB Mage queries Empty
PostSubject: Re: Raiding Frost & FFB Mage queries   Raiding Frost & FFB Mage queries Icon_minitimeNovember 21st 2009, 08:28

If the 18 is arcane and 53 is frost, which i suspect it is, then u have nothing to do with frostfire bolt. Other than that, I agree with everything Harry said. If u have a frost spelc with torment, there is no rotation, but there's serious focus on positioning, when to cast and refresh your frost shield so as to minimize need for huge heals and increase your "uptime" which is generally your survival time in raids.

Managing cds is harder than it seems. Water ele is certainly good with totem but with the glyph, u have it up at least twice per boss fight, sometimes 3-4 times. i always use him at start and use my reset talent if RL wants totem unexpectedly.

I think u have wasted your 1st tier points and 3 points on spell impact. your main(and only) spell is FB. Harry is right, it takes a a miracle to match your ice lance with FB to get the benefit for both from frozen fingers or whatever. I do, sometimes, start with blizz on even a single target as it's the fastest way to stack 5 (whatever the name) debuff on target and then carry on with FB for more crits. U r the most mana efficient and long surviving clothie out there. U also have cc abilities on masses of mobs. Not every1 will see the value, especially if they look at the meter, but u ought to focus on your strong suit which is staying alive. u should get the 2 points left in student of the mind as it means crit % if nothing else.
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Raiding Frost & FFB Mage queries Empty
PostSubject: Re: Raiding Frost & FFB Mage queries   Raiding Frost & FFB Mage queries Icon_minitime

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Raiding Frost & FFB Mage queries
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